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   This site was created in order to popularise a new scientific discovery which is very little known today:
Originally known as a humanistic science, history has crossed to the state of a rational science which posesses its own laws and a dose of relativity in the completion of its events.
To know more, examine and read our sections ritch and complete in information: If you want to know what is all about, read the “An account on the the Theory of Eventalism” section
For the reference books, check the “Book” section which contains Volume 1 ( the origin of the thesis) and Volume 2 (the thesis)
To understand the Theory of Eventalism with the help of applications, please read the next three sections :
   - “Chirac’s Destiny” (his 1995 election, his loss of legislatives in 1997, his reelection in 2002, his anti-American position in the War in Irak)
   - “The Conflict between USA and Irak”
   - “Europe’s Destiny”
To know more about the creator of Eventalism
   - For further reading, you can find practical information at the head of this Home Page What books have been published on Eventalism?
What are the on-going
books and studies?
An Eventalism Club to be created...by you! An association which deals with researches and discoveries in some fields which have not yet been explored, the NRCD (Nocam Center of Research and Discovery).


Exposition about the Theory of Eventalism

3rd BOOK
ROME and the USA :
Théory of Eventalism:
The Nocam Book

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