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Practice of Eventalism :
Destiny of CHIRAC

Prediction Chirac elected President on 1995

Explanation about general election on 1997

Chirac again President on 2002
Chirac against USA 2003



NOTE of March 16, 1995 :

ON MAY 7, 1995 :

- creator of Eventalism
- author of the books :
« Nokam Chronical. History by an Initiated » (Book I)
« The Nokam Book. Theory of Eventalism : ROME and the USA »
(Book II)

Through the LAWS OF EVENTALISM whose rational existence were proven in « The Nocam Book », a thesis in which the ROME / USA tandem was the experimental subject, other Nation’s Histories have been studies, including that of France, and more particulary our era.
It is known that the application of these Laws define, if not a determinism of events, at least a very strong potentiality, allowing predictions to be made. So it is true of the future French presidential election.
In order to advance such a prediction, one must have first determinated the basis of application of this reasoning. It is known that the Laws of Eventalism were deduced from a starting hypothesis, which was validated by a study of the Histories of ROME and of the USA. The hypothesis that has become a Law is that the History of Nations is analogously repeated approximately every 2 160 years, and each Nation repeats the potential destiny of another Nation (but not any other) having existed 2 160 years earlier.

In the case of France, or more specifically the French Republic, the destiny renewed is that of Macedonia. In other terms « the History of the French Republic may be attached to the potential framework of the analogous destiny to that of the History of Macedonia ».
Overall, the parallel Histories are the following :
- the beginning of the French Republic arising in royalist France corresponds to the reign of Philip II of Macedonia getting foothold in Greece.
- Napoleon I, conqueror and promoter of french ideas in Europe corresponds to Alexander the Great, spreading the Greek civilisation.
- Later, De Gaulle, champion of french independance with regard to the USA, corresponds to Philip V of Macedonia fighting Rome.
- Right afterwards, Pompidou, the spiritual son of De Gaulle and also opposed to the USA, corresponds to Perseus, the son of Philip V, defeated by Rome.

Next, according to the historian Polybe, some years later (149-148 BC), in a Macedonia subdued by Rome, ANDRISCOS revolted. He prided himself in coming from the lineage of Philip V, and took up the challenge of independance with regard to Rome. Unfortunately, Andriscos’ adventure lasted only two years, afterwhich Rome transformed Macedonia into a Roman province.
A corresponding event logically transpired in the History of the French Republic. It is a sign of growing national pride, and according to the temporal Laws, the time has now come.
Among the current candidates, Jacques CHIRAC best reunites the factors for a renewal of the « ANDRISCOS period » of Macedonia History :
- he represents the gaullien filiation by means of the RPR
- he is creating a dynamic within a sleepy french Nation, uncomfortable in the economical- financial context imposed on them by the USA.
If CHIRAC is elected, he will thus assume the period of History of the French Republic predicted by Eventalism.

Eventalism cannot, however, predict all that « the man Chirac » will do with his mandate, beacause a certain latitude of destiny subsists, independant of theLaws of Eventalism which apply to Nations and are linked to man’s free will, in this case Jacques Chirac’s.
What may be affirmed with certainty is that the future President will incite at least a revival of french pride and a desire for originality, if not the independance of France in the international context.
On the other hand, it is impossible to know if the President will be « evicted » before his time by the USA or the international context (indirectly, of course), or if he will be an able enough politician to lead the country for seven years.


Chirac is surrounded by men opposed in their political orientations : on the one hand Juppé and Madelin, pro-European Maastrichtiens and pro-American economic liberals, and on the other hand Seguin, anti-Maastrichtien, against economic liberalism and bearer of classical republic and nationalist values for France.
If Chirac’s future politics are influenced by Seguin, the future will be almost identical to the History of Andriscos.
However, if Chirac is primarily influenced by the Juppé-Madelin tandem, a « modus vivendi » will be created between the France and the USA, making a « calm » position for the French Republic and its ideals in the international politico-financial context, though the country will preserve its originality.
Because according to the Laws of Eventalism it is inescapably programmed that Chirac’s presidency (ies) will be the last period of gaullien ideas in which France will attempt to assert its independance.Afterwards France will conform to the international mold dominated by the USA.
.....Unless the country does not size another potential destiny ( a distinct possibility according to the Laws of Eventalism) ; but that is another story, will outside the realm of this brief commentary.
This way, and only this way, will Chirac be able to last.

I would like to give another identical example to the upcoming election, which allowed me to predict VALERY GISCARD d’ESTAING’s election in 1974. At the time POMPIDOU had just died and CHABAN-DELMAS immediately stood as a candidate. He represented the natural gaullien filiation, and from the start the pollsters saw him as the election winner. But, 2 160 years earlier in Macedonia, after PERSEUS defeat in the face of Rome, in 168 BC, then with his death, the filiation of PHILIP V was broken, only to be rekindled in 149 BC in the person of ANDRISCOS.
Speaking in terms of Eventalism therefore, it was impossible for J.Chaban-Delmas to become President of the Republic. I had said it at the time, while simultaneously wondering how this « non-election » would turn out. It was resolved by the tax scandal surrounding Chaban, cabal revealed by the Canard Enchaîné , as well as the media flight of Giscard and « betrayal » of Chirac.

Christian F.E. TURPIN
March 16, 1995 - Courbevoie. »


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