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The Chronicles of Nokam, the Determinist-Historian

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Part I. 1963, 1964

   Flashback to 1961
Chapter I. News of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
   - November 23, 1963 at Mr. Malbret’s Home
Chapter II. The Blank Page of History,
   - “Little Man” and the Morning of the Magicians.
    (Café de Cluny in May 1961)
Chapter III. The Little Man’s First Lesson on Evental History
Chapter IV. Nocam’s Tower
   - A Theory of Names, The Cycles of History,
   - The Chamber of Astrology and the Relationship of History to Equinoxes.
Chapter V. The Conspiracy to Convince JFK about Vietnam
   - The Chamber of Eventalism, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, the Nazis, The Matching Fates of Ancient Rome and the USA,
   - US Policy in Vietnam
Chapter VI. Kennedy in Paris on June 1st ; JFK’s Visit and Nocam’s Message
Chapter VII. Alchemy and History
   - Back at Mr. Malbret’s Home in November 1963.
   - The Athanor Room.
   - Alchemical View of the French Revolution.
Chapter VIII. Rome, USA and Eventalism
   - The Myths Behind the Events. Rome and USA as Experiment Subjects.
  - Choice of Method.

PART II. 1970-1974

Chapter IX. The Destiny of Richard M. Nixon. Southeast Asia, Great Men
(Mac Arthur, Pompidou, Nixon).Economic Warfare
Chapter X. Eventalism Research
   - Methodology. Quantitative Analysis & Outcome.
   - Evental Analysis & Tables. Laws
Chapter XI. Nixon in Paris & Pompidou’s Death
   - Watergate and Vietnam. Author’s Name. Book of Nocam.

Part III. 1975-1988

Chapter XII. The Next Third Punic War. Nocam’s Exit. A Time for Secrecy.


A Time for Divulgation.


Beyond Eventalism


Appendix 1 : Foreword of the original French book
Appendix 2 : Preface of the original French book

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Exposition about the Theory of Eventalism

3rd BOOK
ROME and the USA :
Théory of Eventalism:
The Nocam Book

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