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The Corinthian Destiny of Irak facing the USA of George W. Bush

An application of the Theory of Eventalism

What were the imperative reasons which pushed the USA of Geroge W. Bush to invade the Irack of Saddam Husssein whatever the cost, reccuring even to the use of mendacious allegations ? Kerosene, the geopolitical strategy of Middle East, the Christian integrity of George W. Bush opposing the Islamic integrity of Ben Laden or the Arab nationalism? It seems that rational explanations are not good enough to formulate the right answer.
What does the future of Irak consist in after the fall of Baas Party? Relying on his insight in the complicated context of this country which he knows very well, the author is looking for the possible solutions of its uncertain future.
But the autor is also the promotor of a new science of history, Eventalism, which, if applied to Irak whose history has been traced ever since the foundation of Baghdad, will bring major complementary parameters to help reveal the reason for the USA’s attack. The irrational which seemed to be dominating the actions of the USA becomes over-rational, meaning, it corresponded to a logic... which made the destiny of Irak join the fate of Ancient Corinth.
The future of Irak after Saddam Houssein is thus all the more disturbing, unless the Occidental political advisors and Irakian statesmen who will preside prove to be more lucid and wise than rapacious and ideological intransigents.

Author: Christian F. E. Turpin
Editor: KAPSOS Editions
Published in 2004
ISBN: 2-910056-06-6
Price: 25 Euros



Exposition about the Theory of Eventalism

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